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Forschungsseminar (FS)

Energiewirtschaftliches Forschungskolloquium / Research Seminar in Energy Economics

The colloquium usually takes place on: Thursday between 17.00 and 18.30



(neue Anfangszeiten: Do. 17.00 - 18.30 Uhr)

27. April

Distributed Generation in Unbundled Electricity MarketsJohannes Wagner EWI

03. Mai (Mittwoch!!!)


11. Mai

Leveraging the benefits of integrating and interacting electric vehicles and distributed energy resourcesMartin PaschmannEWI
The Shift in Global Crude Oil MarketsEren CamEWI

18. Mai


01. Juni

Transmission Rights and Market Power – Price Spreads between the German and Italian Natural Gas MarketsFlorian WeiserEWI

22. Juni


29. Juni

06. Juli


13. JuliDecarbonization of Germany´s Mobility SectorJakob PeterEWI

20. Juli


27. Juli

 (FS)  Forschungsseminar